Browns Zone Episode 6: We Tried a Crossover and This Happened


As you all know, it can get lonesome doing a podcast or writing by yourself all the time. Because of this, I decided to link up with Scott Kennison of Raving Lunatic Media (awesome podcasts by the way, you should really check them out) to try and do a crossover podcast between the Cleveland Sports Zone and his Sports, Society & Spirits podcast.

When we started out, our goal was to talk Cleveland Browns defense, chat about the Cleveland Cavaliers for a little bit and then talk some politics like he does on his show. But as you all know, between myself and Scott if you find a passionate topic … neither of us will shut up about it.

So, our crossover event ended up being Scott and I ranting about the Cleveland Browns as a whole, trying to make sense of some options for the 2017 NFL Draft and me trying to get him to admit that if the Browns do not take a QB at 12 or trade up for one, the team should go all defense with the first four picks.

You can listen in at the link below or head over to your favorite podcast app, search “Cleveland Sports Zone” or “Sports, Society & Spirits” and give it a download to listen on your mobile device!

Learn more about Raving Lunatic Media and all of Scott’s awesome podcasts here!

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