Browns Zone Episode 7: Sports, Society and Spirits Crossover Take 2


We are back with our second attempt at a podcast crossover with the awesome folks at Raving Lunatic Media. This time though, we got the old No Static Radio band back together … as Scott Kennison and myself were joined by Jason Snider and T.J. Hill for a jam-packed event.

The focus of this podcast was supposed to be just on the Cleveland Browns and the 2017 NFL Draft, but recent events in society led us to have a nice healthy discussion on Steve Stephens and Aaron Hernandez at the beginning. If that is not your thing, feel free to skip ahead to the 1:05 mark for the NFL Draft coverage!

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Also, you should really check out the podcasts Scott and Raving Lunatic Media have going on, they are great. His link is below!

Learn more about Raving Lunatic Media and all of Scott’s awesome podcasts here!

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