Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Cavs Seeking Trade Partner to Clear Cap Space for LeBron James


Cleveland Cavaliers fans had a pretty eventful Sunday, as rumors broke early in the day that Dan Gilbert’s private jet was headed for South Florida. But as the night progressed, the rumors and speculation only got crazier—culminating in what has grown to be known as a “Woj Bomb” in social media.

LeBron James rumors are at an all-time high as the Cavs try to make a deal to pave the way.
LeBron James rumors are at an all-time high as the Cavs try to make a deal to pave the way.

The “Woj” aspect is Yahoo NBA Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski, for those of you who do not know. To fuel the speculation of LeBron James returning to Cleveland, the well-connected Wojnarowski tweeted, “In pursuit of max slot for LeBron James, Cavs searching for team to take Nets’ Marcus Thornton in deal to unload Jarrett Jack, sources say.”

A potential deal with Brooklyn has been rumored for quite some time, as the Nets have been seeking a veteran backup point guard. However, the Cavaliers had not seemingly been motivated to make the deal—or did not have a team to flip Thornton’s $8.6 million expiring contract to as of yet.

Moving Jack would free up $6.3 million in cap space for the Cavaliers, but it could take some negotiating to make the deal happen. The Nets have a need for Jack, which would be the easy part, finding a team to take Thornton would probably require the Cavaliers sending a future first-round pick to a team with cap space to get the deal done.

It appears those efforts have seemingly intensified on Sunday evening if reports are true, which could mean the Cavaliers found out some information on their trip to South Florida. If the Cavaliers can find a team to get involved in a three-way deal, it is believed they would have the necessary cap space to give James the max contract he desires.

Obviously this is all pure speculation at this point, but the fact that national insiders are reporting this information at this time of night means that something big could be on the horizon. Let’s just hope for the sake of Cavaliers fans it happens sooner rather than later.

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